Our Products

UC Series Hardmount
UniMac washer-extractors feature two close-tolerance ball bearings, permanently lubricated for trouble-free operation. Excluder seal and two triple-lip seals provide seven times the sealing power to isolate the bearings from water and chemicals.
New UniMac High Efficiency washer
UniMac UW models utilize an advanced water management system that has the lowest water usage of any manufacturer, and we lower it even further with 30 programmable water levels to decrease water usage. This can help you save thousands of gallons of water...
UniMac High Efficiency Dryer
OPTidry is an industry-exclusive, cutting-edge innovation that connects sensors located within the lifters to our revolutionary rotary transfer switch to offer unmatched levels of accuracy. The result is a pinpoint dryness reading throughout the entire...
New UniMac Value Line
Our UW washer-extractors are renowned for their durability, innovative features and industrial strength. Our new Value Line of UW45 & 65 models will provide you with exactly that – all while fitting your budget. 
UniMac SoftMount
Featuring solid steel construction and heavy-duty precision bearings, our line of UX washer-extractors consistently achieve high levels of efficiency, quality and durability.
UniMac High Efficiency Washer
Our Super High 300 G-Force Extraction removes water with more power than the competition’s 86 G-Force machines, equalizing wash and dry times and allowing your laundry to run at maximum efficiency.
Fireman’s PPE Drying Cabinet
The Fireman’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Drying Cabinet provides fire stations the means to effectively, efficiently and safely dry protective gear – at the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
UniMac Dryer 50-75lb
When it comes to your machine lasting longer and looking good, the difference is in the details. And that’swhere UniMac shines. Constructed of high-grade steel, our heavy-duty door and two-point hinges will stand up to the toughest laundry conditions.
UniMac Dryer 120-170lb
UniMac’s enclosed heat system boosts efficiency and helps you keep your laundry environment more comfortable. Energy costs and drying times are reduced because radiant heat from the stove top is used to preheat intake air before it enters the combustion...
UniMac Small Equip Line
More information coming soon for the UniMac Small Equip Line.