Leases, Rentals, & Laundry Room Management

Central Laundry Equipment offers Speed Queen coin/vended commercial laundry equipment for a variety of multi-housing laundry centers including apartment complexes, condominiums, RV Parks, retirement communities and college dormitories. Many utilize Central Laundry Equipment’s Leasing Service in which Central Laundry Equipment leases top of the line Speed Queen equipment with flexible payment options including mobile app, credit/debit and provides industry leading service for their washers and dryers.

Central Laundry Equipment oversees regular collections and returns a significant portion of the revenue back to the facility. It's the hands-free way for multi-housing facilities to provide their residents with the latest and most energy efficient laundry equipment with $0 cash investment. We also provide an emergency number for quick service response times with 24/7 customer service through the Speed Queen Insights mobile app.

Central Laundry Equipment can help you settle on a contract duration that best suits your location. The terms will vary based upon the size and number of machines that you need, but they are usually in the 5-to-8 year range. Most of the time, Central Laundry Equipment only requires a 30-day notice if you wish to end the agreement and have us remove the machines.

Our experienced sales staff can help you determine a plan for your laundry equipment needs given the space available and expected usage.


At CLE everything we do begins and ends with a continual commitment to best-in-class service

  • Live Customer Service 24 X 7
  • 24 Hour Average Response Time
  • Fleet Vehicles with GPS Tracking
  • Satellite Guided Routing & Dispatching
  • Fully Stocked Service Vehicles


Thousands of customers have placed their trust in Central Laundry Equipment since 1985.

  • Over 35 Years of Laundry Experience
  • 95% Customer Retention Rate
  • Award Winning Sales & Service
  • Third Generation Family Owned Laundry Business


CLE’s commitment to customer service & technical assistance makes support a reality each and every day.

  • Resident Training Services, On-Site and On-Line
  • Over 20 Employees Serving an 8-State Territory
  • Rapid Refunds Initiated Online
  • Live Customer Support 24 X 7
  • Free Laundry Room Signage


CLE offers peace of mind when it comes to financial transactions. We safeguard the security of your revenue.

  • CLE Insight Reports Provide Unparalleled Technology-Based Chain of Custody
  • Best-in-Class Added Machine Security Features
  • Serialized Collection Tracking


Offering more choices that suit your needs, CLE’s approach has always been to work with you to find the right blend of products and services.

  • Lease, Rental, Service & Sales with Flexible Options
  • Coin, Mobile or Card Payment Systems
  • NEW Energy Efficient Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment
  • Direct Deposit of Commission Checks Available
  • Expert Laundry Room Design
  • BEST COMMISSIONS in the Industry


CLE uses industry-leading technology to improve resident satisfaction and living experience.

  • Resident Training Services, On-Site and On-Line
  • Over 20 Employees Serving an 8-State Territory
  • Rapid Refunds Initiated Online
  • Live Customer Support 24 X 7
  • Free Laundry Room Signage

Front Load Softmount Washer 21.5LB

Innovative technologies combine with revolutionary design to form a front load washer that delivers unprecedented wash quality and minimizes operational costs.

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Top Load Washer 14LB, 16LB

Classic top-load design meets heavy-duty build quality that lasts longer and runs more efficiently – saving you money.

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Single Dryer 18Lb

Make laundry more enjoyable with dryers designed for ease of use and total simplicity.

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Single Pocket Tumble Dryer 30LB

Our single pocket tumble dryers are built with a single purpose: performance. They are specifically designed with fewer moving parts, so you’ll face fewer maintenance issues over their lifespan.

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Stack Washer / Dryer Combo

Speed Queen® stack washer/dryers offer all of the power and performance you’ve come to expect from our conventional washers and dryers–while taking up half the space.

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Stack Dryer 18LB

Speed Queen® stack dryers give you twice the drying capacity in the floor space of a single unit. They’re also built to last longer with superior mechanics that handle more wear and tear.

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